Lexi View oddness


06-07-2008 19:48:21

I have been using the oFusion exporter for Max 7.

When I get an object into Lexi Viewer I can't get the results I want.

I am making a vehicle for the game in progress Zero Gear.
I'm following the tut and using the material file from this page


Not sure which exporter/3d program he uses, but I am having different results.
He is loading an AO map as a base and overlaying rgb colors with a material file. This is so they can be changed in game with a palette.

The problem I am having is that my AO map does not show thru the color overlay at all. If I use 0 0 0 for RGB I get the AO map (greyscale) but if I add even the smallest amount of color 0.01 0 0 then anywhere there is color overlay my AO is gone.

Anyone know why this would be? Again, I am using his material file and the same viewer. I'd think it would be equal to his results.


07-05-2010 10:57:07

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