Using ETL to do Tile Based Terrain Management


24-05-2009 15:32:45

I know there is a (rather defunct) tile based terrain manager project out there, but from what I see of the ETL, I think it might be ideal to do tile based terrain management.

Basically the modifications I want to make is to modify the ETL code so that people can use it to make a 'Tileset' and then make a map editor that lets user create maps based on that tileset. This means that the terrain should pick up heightmap and splatting data from the corresponding tile from the 'tileset' made before. I hope I am making sense. This I believe is the standard method that the older tile based games used to employ.

I am digging into the ETL code but wanna be sure that this is feasible at all. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Also, any useful pointers/caveats that you guys can think of will also go a long way. Thanks.