Why can not run clipmapterrain´╝č


24-06-2011 10:06:14

Hi everyone,

I have downloaded the project named "clipmapterrain"at "https://ogreaddons.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ogreaddons/trunk/clipmapterrain/";, but when I ran it, I found that it needs the images of TIF format placed in the folder "bhm" because the config file "terrain.txt" contains the information "Path=../../../bhm/bhm", I finally found that there were a lot of images of Tif format in the folder "data/hm" . I have tried to change the configure imformation in "terrain.txt" to load the images in "data/hm" instead, but I failed at last. So I suspect that if the project at the ADDons is not the whole.
Is there any mistakes I have made? What should I do for running the project? I am waiting for your help, thank you very much!