Problem with preloading of ET resources.


14-03-2008 16:00:26

I'm using MET, the Mogre wrapper for ETM, but I don't know if the problem is located in MET or ETM itself so I'm asking both:
I've got a problem with preloading the resources ET needs:

If I call
everything seems to be running ok. The resources are being loaded.
But if I look into my logfile it says it couldn't find ETSplatting0 and ETSplatting1. So I now looked into the material file and found out that those two files are supposed to be managed dynamically which is fine for me.

If I then initialize my first scene with this code
' Create MET-SplattingManager
_SplattingMgr = New MET.SplattingManager("ETSplatting", "ET", 512, 512, 3)
' Specify number of splatting textures we need to handle.
_SplattingMgr.NumTextures = 6 <-- Exception is thrown here

I get an error stating that the resource ETSplatting0 already exists and can't be created. Seems like ET tries to create them when it sets the number of splatting textures. Unfortunately changing the baseName (first parameter in the constructor) leads to no errors but also no terrain. Therefore the name is needed.

I understand the problem but I don't know how to solve it. How can I preload all the ET resources without loading those 2 dynamically created resources?

If it's not a problem with ETM itself but rather with MET I hope the wrapper's developer can help me.

PS: Don't be confused with the syntax, it's VB.NET ;-)


14-03-2008 16:55:23

You will have to create the splatting manager before loading the resource group, apparently. Alternatively, you might want to move the material to another resource group which isn't preloaded, so that by loading the material Ogre does not create dummy resources with these names. I didn't know Ogre does this, but I don't see another way to avoid the problem, either.