Interference in my terrain


24-04-2008 09:55:45

Hi, I have a problem with (seemingly) random flickers in my terrain when I move the camera far from it. Not sure if this is a ETM problem or just a problem with my graphics setup overall. =/
I have tried tweaking ETM settings such as LoD and resolutions etc, but nothing seems to help.

Anyone seen this before or has any idea?

A recording of the problem:


24-04-2008 14:12:28

Hi snorr,

i had the same problem, this looks a bit like z-fightning. In my case it
came from the limited precision of floats used for minClip-Range and maxClip-Range of my Camera. (If those propterties where named so, maybe they are called viewdistance?).

With values of 0.1fmin and 10.000f max i had had a lot of that effects. When i put it to 10fmin and 10.000f max it was much better. Maybe you can try this. Good luck. :mrgreen:

If it doesn't help you could search ogre-forums for z-fighning, zfightning and similar.


24-04-2008 22:28:14

That solved it Luth, Thanks alot!