Problem with Texture


25-05-2008 20:42:04

Well, I managed to build a simple editor using ETM but there is still 1 problem:

Well the grasstexture (splatting0.png) is always visible at the borders (here is a screen)

The colormap says that it's all right but I still see the grass texture ^^

Anybody know how to fix that? :?


28-05-2008 03:19:16

It does that... it's because the terrain is n+1 by n+1 and the splatting map is n by n.

I'm not sure if just making your splatting image bigger will fix it or not. It's not an issue in my game as I don't allow the player that close to the edge of the terrain.


28-05-2008 22:24:33

DAMN that's it thank you very very much song ^^ n+1 x n+1 did it.