terrain tearing


29-06-2008 18:11:34

I just built the library/demo alongside Soggoth (SVN)..

I ran the demo - and the terrain tears all over the place.
is this normal?
how do I fix this?

I have ATI Radeon X850 pro


30-06-2008 16:16:00

Could you elaborate, please? What exactly is the problem? Could you make a screenshot or video showing it?


01-07-2008 11:38:16

tearing between terrain tiles


01-07-2008 15:36:30

Have you, by chance, tried to set the maximum LOD level to 0 (or 1) in order to disable LOD? There's a known bug in this case which might cause this. If so, set the LOD level up to 2 and set maxPixelError to 0 instead.