OpenGL Issues


18-07-2008 21:27:08


I'm creating an RTS with some friends as a final university project, and I was looking into adding a map editor to our game.

I can get your sample to work fine in Direct3D, but in OpenGL only the ogre head shows up:

I'm using Ogre 1.4.7, ETM 2.2 and my video card is an Intel X3100 which doesn't support GLSL and OpenGL 2.0 (it only supports 1.5: ... d_chipsets).

As we're developing for both Windows and Linux, OpenGL is our only choice. Does ETM use GLSL do display the terrain?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


18-07-2008 23:40:38

No, the sample materials are using Cg shaders. But it's possible (or even likely) that the Cg shader's arb profiles are not understood by the card. Check the Ogre log, there should be some info on this (look at the part where scripts and shaders are compiled).

If so, you will have to replace the Cg shaders with GL specific assembler shaders. Can't help you there, though, since I only know Cg (and not even well).