new comer problem(solved)


24-07-2008 05:48:46

see my code

Ogre::Image image;
image.load(imageFileName, "textures");

iam getting the error like no resource group name textures,please tell me how can i declair this method

i placed all the textures that are there in ET folder to ../../media/material/textures and .cg and .programe files in ../../media/material/progames folder

tell where is the problem


24-07-2008 19:06:38

You might want to get a bit more familiar with Ogre first. In particular you should understand how Ogre handles resources, the resource group has no relation to the folder name where you place the resources. Instead, folders may be added to certain resource groups. Check the resources.cfg to see which resource groups exist and what folders are added to it.


25-07-2008 05:18:34

hi, my problem solved