Shoggoth: Assertion Failed


22-08-2008 08:39:04

I just tried compiling and running ETM v2.2 with the latest Ogre SVN head (i.e. shoggoth). I corrected the compiler error that is documented on the forums and I added the deletion of mTerrain to the ETTile destructor.

Then I tried compiling my project against the latest Ogre and ETM. Everything compiled fine, but when I run it, I receive the following assertion.

The code in my project is unchanged. If I compile ETM and my project against Ogre v1.4.9 everything runs fine. I made sure to copy all the correct include, lib and dll files to the correct places. I also tried the demo included with ETM and I receive the same assertion with it too if I compile it against shoggoth.

Does anyone know what is causing this and what I need to do to get it running?


22-08-2008 20:05:59

See here: