About tiles


22-09-2008 22:23:09

Hi everyone.

Firstly i am new to editable terrain manager so i want to congratulate the project members, you did great job.

Now here we go:),

I want to decrease tile amount of terrain because the the base texture is repeating it self. I thought the solution was this. I changed the tile size in the ETterrain.cfg but nothing seemed to be changed. Is there anything wrong i did or what is the solution of this problem?


22-09-2008 23:27:58

I assume you mean tiling of the textures on the terrain? In that case, you need to change the splatScaleX and splatScaleZ shaders parameters in the material. Make them smaller.


22-09-2008 23:42:10

nothing have changed :?

i was wrong, that worked, thanx