Fps prooblem for 2049*2049 heightmap


14-11-2008 07:28:02

iam using 2049*2049 heightmap for my ET terrain,please confirm me whether FPS is based on height map size? and how can i control the lods to increase the FPs.


14-11-2008 12:35:45

Absolutely FPS is dependent on your terrain size. 2049 is way too large, you'd need a paging solution to handle this kind of terrain size properly. Which means that ETM may not be the right tool for you.


15-11-2008 12:07:20

thanks CABAListic for your reply,
iam doing the maining project,for this i need 4*4 km terrain along with the physics,when iam using the heightmap of 129*129 or 257*257 my terrain curves are not proper,for this iam planning to increase the size of the heigt map,please provide me if any alternate solution is there for this problem


15-11-2008 13:48:41

There isn't. If you need that many vertices for your terrain, then you need a paging manager. ETM is ok for terrain sizes of maybe 1025x1025 max, anything above that is out of scope of this library. If 1025 is not enough for you, then I'm afraid you need to look for another library.


15-11-2008 15:15:18

or to wait for ETL and to try to make a paging solution basing on it^^