Need a starting point


25-12-2008 13:23:36


I apologize for a very newbie question, I only just started programming a game using Ogre (or in fact, C++) and find myself in need of some editable terrain. However, coming to this forum I'm a bit lost. Reading through the v3 status thread I get the impression that that version is nearing completion so I'd like to know whether for a new project I should use that rather than the current 2.x version. If so, could somebody point me to instructions on where to obtain a v3 snapshot (and if possible, build instructions for VC2008express). If people recommend I start with 2.3.1, I'd like to know whether I will have to make many changes to switch to v3 later and whether the 2.3.1 release functions correctly with Ogre 1.6 (as the website only states it's been tested with Ogre 1.4).


25-12-2008 14:09:45

Depends on how long you are willing to wait, because I can't currently judge the time I need to finish v3. It is, however, a rewrite, so coding with ETL v3 will be different than with v2.3.1. Then again, ETL is not the most complex and core library of any project (usually), so the changes should be fairly localised and not too troublesome.

In any case, v2.3.1 does work with Ogre 1.6, and that branch has been around for a while and is stable. If you need editable terrain right now, go with it, and once ETL v3 is around, you can decide whether you want to switch. If you do want to have a look at the current development version, here's a small guide:


25-12-2008 14:13:17

Thank you for your swift answer. I don't necessarily need editable terrain right now, but I do need terrain and I will need it editable in the future. I'll take your suggestion and start with 2.3.1 and then see about converting later. Thank you for all your work in providing this library.