Some Questions.


17-03-2009 18:37:31


I have some questions^^

1. First is, what is the big different between ETM and PLSM? Has PLSM better performance or what?

2. Can I create Heigthmaps with ETM and use them with PLSM?

I hope you can help me, please.



18-03-2009 08:24:37

PLSM is a scene manager for paging terrain, that is, it is meant to display terrain of theoretically infinite sizes. Only the visible parts of the terrain are loaded and displayed, invisible parts are loaded and unloaded on-the-fly as you move over the terrain.
ETM, on the other hand, holds all parts of the terrain in memory at all times and is therefore meant for smaller terrain sizes only. "Small" in this case means something like an RTS map, whereas the larger terrains which need paging would be something like on open world in an RPG game.

As for heightmaps: Sure, why not. Heightmaps are essentially gray-scale images. ETM can export them, PLSM can load them.