Crash In Release Mode


07-05-2009 05:24:36

I am trying to run the demo application in I had to modify the path settings in the vcproj files to get it to build, make resources.cfg, copy files from the Ogre/samples/Common/bin folders, etc. I can run the demo in debug mode just fine but it crashes in release mode here (ogreconfigfile.cpp:56):

void ConfigFile::clear(void)
for (SettingsBySection::iterator seci = mSettings.begin(); // <----- Crashes here
seci != mSettings.end(); ++seci)
OGRE_DELETE_T(seci->second, SettingsMultiMap, MEMCATEGORY_GENERAL);

In ETsample.cpp, the stack is here (line 208):

virtual void setupResources(void)
// Load resource paths from config file
ConfigFile cf;
cf.load(mResourcePath + "resources.cfg"); // <----- here

I am running with Ogre 1.6.2 (Shoggoth). All of the project settings as far as directories and linker inputs are the same (except for using _d for debug libs). The other thing to note is that I had to comment out "OgreNoMemoryMacros.h" in ETSample.cpp because it doesn't exist in Ogre 1.6. Any help would be great!