Russian Comments


12-05-2009 19:27:50

MyGUI is great! :)

It would be even greater if the Russian comments were in English.

I've heard of people dismissing it because of that.


12-05-2009 19:30:02

IMO, it's bad style, because C++ is based on the English language. And one really shouldn't mix languages.
Besides, it will be good practice for you guys. :wink:


12-05-2009 20:34:58

I'm always writing comments in English, but know English really bad and sometimes his English comments is worse than no comments at all :) Anyway we working on it and trying not to use them.
Well, at least all useful comments in headers is in English or in both languages.

Can you give me some examples where you seen Russian comments and thought that you need English comments there?

By the way, what do you think about English comments in general? How bad these comments?


12-05-2009 23:59:51

I just browsed some of the cpp files, because I heard that the comments were in Russian (from, and I wanted to check.
I think it's useful to have proper comments, even in the implementation files, because that would attract more experienced developers. And it makes it easier for people to follow the flow, learn what makes myGUI work on a lower level.
It will make it easier to use myGUI, because people will learn how the myGUI developers think. :)
I understand that it's a problem, and I haven't checked the English comments, I will do that.
Can't you use a translator? To start with?
English comments would make this fine library finer - and it's always good for competition.
Carry on the good work. :)


13-05-2009 04:26:19

Can't you use a translator?
Translators at least those I have used, produce a mess out of russian text. Maybe simple and short comments will do, but long and sophisticated surely not.


14-06-2009 16:11:36

I saw these comments too; translate tools can anyway help to get the context (and later write the appropriate translation ^^)


18-06-2009 21:35:25

I would be more interested in seeing some of the doxygen functions being more thoroughly documented rather then comments inside the source. For example specific information about what parameters do in a method and remarks on what a method specifically does. There are times when I've looked at a function which has been reimplemented in a number of places without any information of what it does and I have had to go look at the source.