MyGUI logging


03-06-2009 04:45:38

First, I want to thanks the MyGUI authors : easy to use, good looking and responsive UI in no time, code examples, really nice features, well coded. Add some automatic widget positioning management, and you reach perfection :D

Question : MyGUI outputs logging messages to the standard output and a MyGUI.log file. I found a way to disable the logging to MyGUI.log :

if (mLogging)
mGUI->initialise(mWindow, "core.xml", "GUI");
mGUI->initialise(mWindow, "core.xml", "GUI", "");

What should I do to avoid the logging messages to the standard output ?


03-03-2011 14:31:35

To remove logging to std output add following code before creating MyGUI::OgrePlatform():

MyGUI::LogManager::setSTDOutputEnabled(false); // disable std output