2.2.2 took my spaces?


12-06-2009 13:40:46

1 - I've just updated from 2.2.0 to 2.2.2, and now all static text, button text, edit box text, has no spaces, everythingcomesoutlikethis. I tried different fonts, no difference.

2 - One more little thing, I'm getting these warnings on every single event I add:
warning C4996: 'MyGUI::EventPair<EventObsolete,Event>::operator =': use : signature : Event::IDelegate * _delegateAll other warnings I fixed fine, but this one, I just don't have a clue what that sentence means.
This is how I delegate, worked in 2.2.0, all the new examples I've seen still seem to do the same:
slider->eventScrollChangePosition = MyGUI::newDelegate(this, &CharacterEditWindow::sliderValueChanged);


12-06-2009 15:43:17

1. You must update MyGUI_Media folder used in your project to newer version.
2. Well, yeah, it looks a bit cryptic. This warning says that delegate signature changed and that you should use new signature. It is not necessary due to backward capability. Look at eventScrollChangePosition description.