buggy behavior with eventMouseMove


15-06-2009 16:54:22

I am setting up a window where there is a list of character skills, each one is an Edit widget with the name of the skill. I set eventMouseMove on those edit widgets to a function that gets the widget name and fills an information box with info about that skill and what it does etc. So I want it so that you hover the mouse and the info box will give information on the thing you hover over.

The behavior is buggy though, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not change and displays the info for the previous one I hovered over. The event is not getting called when the mouse enters the widget, or when the mouse moves. I would have thought that the event should be called when the mouse moves within the widget? I have tried adding mousefocus and mouseclicked events too with the same function, but still it makes no difference and mouseclicked does get called at all. I made sure setNeedMouseFocus(true).

Any suggestions?


15-06-2009 18:53:51

If you using List widget use eventListMouseItemFocus.


15-06-2009 19:05:48

No I was using Edit widgets. I switched to button widgets instead now, and everything works fine.