Cache contents on the widgets


19-06-2009 17:02:53

Is there any build-in method to cache contents on the widget, including all children widgets? I have very complex layout and for performance reasons would like to perform full redraw when it is really necessary.


19-06-2009 21:31:39

It is not released yet, but we already implemented such caching. So you can wait for net release or get code from svn and do next things:
1) Add RTTLayer sources to your project and call MyGUI::FactoryManager::getInstance().registryFactory<MyGUI::RTTLayer>("Layer");
2) add RTTLayer to your layers<Layer type="RTTLayer" name="RTT_Test" pick="true"/>.
3) create widget that should be cached in this layer.

You can look at TestApp in trunk. First step is necessary only because it is not polished yet so not included into MyGUI core.