eventMouseButtonClick on MyGUI::Edit


25-06-2009 15:26:05


Using the latest revision from trunk there seems to be a problem with eventMouseButtonClick on Edit widgets. My callback function is only called if I click on the border around the Edit widget, but not when I click inside the Edit box. Playing with the eventMouseSetFocus and eventMouseLostFocus widgets I noticed that problem is most likely due to the fact the Edit box also only gets mouse focus if the pointer is on the border of box, but loses focus when the pointer is inside the box. Is this the intended behaviour? Is there a way to get eventMouseButtonClick to work for when I click inside an Edit widget?

I've noticed the same behaviour with List and MultiList as well.


26-06-2009 03:06:02



26-06-2009 10:26:16

Thanks, somehow I missed that event :oops: