Cannot run Application in debug mode


16-07-2009 17:48:44

Hi everyone,

I changed form CEGUI to MyGUI, because CEGUI is to complex for using. Good designed, but to pompous. It does not support animations, no multible colour text. MyGUI is great, very fast and simple to use. The designations of classes, functions and filenames are not written in good english, russian comments are funny. Well, the main point is that it works.

But I cannot run application including MyGUI in debug mode!? The program crashes on executing.

Windows show me:Error Code: 0xC0150002 : The application failed to initialize properly. Click on Ok to terminate the application.

I tested the demos and there is the same.


16-07-2009 22:06:22

Well, most common mistake that gives it is using wrong freetype lib that was compiled for visual studio 2005 and you using newer compiler. If you used right one then give me more info about your environment or whatever you use.


17-07-2009 10:17:59

Hi Altren,

I use MSVC++ 2008 as IDE and have compiled MyGUI with it. That might lead to this trouble, just one ability.

Oh, whats this? viewtopic.php?f=17&t=8606 :P