MyGUI crashes in Release mode


17-07-2009 05:03:43


Firstly MyGUI excellent library, well written, like the delegates etc. :D

Now it has been running without problem in both Release mode and debug mode, I have made a large number of changes to my code lately and have not been testing it in release mode.
Now it works in debug mode, but in release mode I get an error at LayerManager::renderQueueStarted:
for (VectorLayerKeeperPtr::iterator iter=mLayerKeepers.begin(); iter!=mLayerKeepers.end(); ++iter) {
All of the layer information seems ok, and I assume the actual exception is in the _render... (Very vague exception since not much debug data...)

For some background:
I was adding to some of my movable Objects... I have since uncommented all of the code and same result... could be a timing issue, but have tried to cover all of the timing bases...(example since release is faster maybe beats network data return etc...)
I am using MyGUI 2.2.2(downloaded not from SVN), built from source and lib and dll for debug and Release use the same code.

Has anybody else encountered a similar problem?
Any advice on how to debug MyGUI in release mode better? (Could be an error from somewhere else and Visual Studio debugger sending me to LayerManager::renderQueueStarted by mistake...)

Has anybody encountered a problem in LayerManager::renderQueueStarted when running MyGUI only in release mode?
Any Ideas on how to solve?

PS-Excellent forum community in OGRE, this is my first question, but have been extensively reading this forum for about 4 months, I really need to return to the community... might do some tutorials etc... or something:] :mrgreen:


17-07-2009 16:26:17

Hm, let me think what may cause it...
While I'm thinking look here: you don't need to use Movable text when you using MyGUI.


18-07-2009 07:29:37

Thanks for the feedback, the same direction I was heading, interestingly though I narrowed down what is causing the crash...

I also add OgreMaxScene just before, and it is what is causing the crash, doesn't make any sense I know, but with the scene loader commented out, no crash:]

So sorry the Overlay was a Red Herring... (Although it does make allot more sense to use MyGUI for the Overlay anyway... so thanks for the link)

I will probably replace the OgreMaxScene scene loader with another one. (OgreMaxScene was sooo easy to implement, nice code and simple:] Although no way to not create an object in the callback, example callback for paged terrain entities and return a flag that says dont worry about creating the scenenode... was going to add it... but well....)

OgreMaxScene is causing the crash...(Not Sure why.)
Any ideas?