compilation 2.2.2


17-07-2009 13:01:41


I have problem with compilation MYGUI2.2.2

MyGUI_ItemBox.cpp: In member function ‘void MyGUI::ItemBox::notifyMouseButtonReleased(MyGUI::Widget*, int, int, MyGUI::MouseButton)’:
MyGUI_ItemBox.cpp:765: error: ‘calcIndexByWidget’ was not declared in this scope
make[2]: *** [MyGUI_ItemBox.lo] Chyba 1

please repair this bug
(I have found calcIndexByWidget function in SVN version)

/*sorry for my english :( */

17-07-2009 18:52:50

replace method

void ItemBox::notifyMouseButtonReleased(WidgetPtr _sender, int _left, int _top, MouseButton _id)
size_t index = *_sender->_getInternalData<size_t>() + (mLineTop * mCountItemInLine);
// солличество айтемов может измениться
if (index >= getItemCount()) return;
eventNotifyItem(this, IBNotifyItemData(index, IBNotifyItemData::MouseReleased, _left, _top, _id));