[SOLVED] - Chinese for WindowCSX's Caption?


24-07-2009 05:13:59

Sorry for the same type question . :oops:

I am setting the window's caption , and I want use chinese for it.

I've already set the FontName , and test for other widgets in the windows.

The Chinese shows up on the widgets but not on the windows caption.

I also tried change the Default font to Chinese font , still can't make it work.

Please give me some advice , and thanks for the reading.


24-07-2009 09:18:09

replace "Default" font in "core_font.xml"


24-07-2009 10:11:57

I've tried that before .xD

But I just found that I forget to set the default_height.

Now it's work!

Sorry , another noob question asked by me :D .

Thanks for reply!