[solved] bug in combo box?


16-08-2009 09:21:44

If I create a combo box inside a window, and that window is in layer "Popup", the pulldown men is displayed behind the window (I can just see it, without changing the alpha of the window). Changing the layer of the window to something else (Overlapped) resolves the issue.

I'm running MyGUI 2.2.2 on Linux.

Note that I'm using layouts, and I was unable to reproduce the bug in the layout editor. Mabye my settings? :?


16-08-2009 12:33:32

MyGUI::WindowPtr window = mGUI->createWidget<MyGUI::Window>("WindowCSX", MyGUI::IntCoord(10, 10, 300, 300), MyGUI::Align::Default, "Main");
MyGUI::ComboBoxPtr box = window->createWidget<MyGUI::ComboBox>("ComboBox", MyGUI::IntCoord(10, 10, 100, 24), MyGUI::Align::Default);

MyGUI::LayerManager::getInstance().attachToLayerNode("Overlapped", window);


16-08-2009 20:47:08

"Popup" layer used for combo-box list and submenus by default (you may change it in skin). You shouldn't create common widgets there if you don't want to have window that is over combobox list in some cases. You should use lower layers for it, for example "Overlapped".


16-08-2009 22:26:41

Thanks for the fast response.

Altren, I didn't realise that the "Popup" layer has special internal uses. I was creating a popup box, so I figured I should use the popup layer. :)

my.name, thanks for the code, I'll have look at it when I can.