changing the color of selected text


16-08-2009 22:14:55

Hi, I am an artist just getting acquainted with MyGui. I have been using the MyGUI LayoutEditor 1.2 RC1 to create a skin for our game. Most things I have been able to tweak pretty well, but for the life me I can't get the color of selected (highlighted) text in any edit box to change color. I have
<!--State2 name="pressed" colour=".9 .9 .9"/-->
<!--State2 name="normal" colour=".9 .9 .9"/-->
<!--State2 name="select" colour=".9 .9 .9"/-->
<!--State2 name="active" colour=".9 .9 .9"/-->

set for every text declaration I can find in all of but still when I highlight text in the test mode of the layout editor the text turns dark instead of almost white like the value .9 .9 .9 would indicate. It seems like I just am missing where that is defined in the .skin file but I have scoured it and come up with nothing.

*edit* I notice that the layout editor I was using is very old, I will try the same thing with the most recent editor I just got from my programmer and report back.

17-08-2009 12:55:19

<State name="pressed" colour="#FF0000">


17-08-2009 17:11:59

thanks, it will be nice to know exactly which line that is. The layout editor I finally got compiled from my programmer from the latest version is light years ahead of the version you guys have posted built on source forge. You should post a built version of it somewhere, it serves as an awesome demo for people to check out MyGUI without having to build anything.