Creating a graph


22-08-2009 22:30:59

I am interested in creating a graph with MyGUI. A line graph would be ideal. I don't see anything like this currently in the code. I am assuming this is something I have to do myself custom.

Has anyone created something like this they would be willing to share? Any hints on how to get started? Anything to save me time would be great. It would be awesome to have real time graphs in MyGUI :wink:

23-08-2009 05:20:33

build UnitTest_GraphView

right click mouse


04-03-2010 05:33:15

I also need to create a graph and just came across this post.
I'm currently trying to build UnitTest_GraphView (MyGUI3.0), but some of the files cannot be found:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'agg_scanline_p.h': No such file or directory

BaseGraphView.h wants these files, which don't appear to be included with either MyGUI or Ogre:

#include "agg_scanline_p.h"
#include "agg_renderer_scanline.h"
#include "agg_pixfmt_rgba.h"

#include "agg_scanline_u.h"
#include "agg_rasterizer_scanline_aa.h"
#include "agg_pixfmt_rgb.h"
#include "agg_path_storage.h"
#include "agg_curves.h"
#include "agg_conv_stroke.h"

I looked around in the CMake files some and it looks like I need to download and build Anti-Grain Geometry 2.4 as a dependency. However, I'm developing on Windows in Visual Studio and quite frankly have no idea what to do with their Makefile. I've been looking at this for a few days now, so I figured I'd give the forum a shot. Any suggestions? Am I on the right path?

Thanks (and thanks for this amazing library)!


04-03-2010 05:55:12

Ok, nevermind, I got it; just needed to compile the source files with the project. Everything's working now.
Once again, awesome library; and I didn't know about AGG, but I like it! I'll probably be using it for smooth interfaces in the future as well.
Now to just unstick my eyelids...