MyGUI 3.0 loadUserTags/switch themes


11-10-2009 23:05:01

someone care to explain how ::loadUserTags works works for switching themes...?
that being said how in the world would i switch now?

12-10-2009 11:49:45

Temporarily does not work ...


13-10-2009 03:04:27

in that case, where in the MyGUI initialization is the theme loaded, so i can hack me up a fix other than using the language files?
its working out so far but 2 lines too many.

13-10-2009 23:10:42

update from svn, revision 2342
and look at demos


15-10-2009 04:43:51

nothing changed, as i had already made those changes myself.
now on to another issue, eventMouseChangeFocus needs to be put in.