Make a totly different style with MyGUI


22-10-2009 11:12:50

I am not sure can i use MyGUI editor to make GUI like this picture

How can i make my own style GUI form, for example, the button can be circle or other shape and the color can be any color i want.
MyGUI is use the style in MyGUI_Media folder, can i make my own? If yes, but how? I played around MyGUI editor but it also use the style in MyGUI_Media folder so it is limited.

How can i change pointer's image to my own, for example, i have two pointer image A and B, in main menu i use A image for pointer then in game i use B image for pointer. Can i do it? How?

I have look through the demo, but it is hard to understand, for example, in Demo_Color i don't know why need to create BaseLayout class, is it necessary?

Any body know how to do it ?