MyGUI::UString::invalid_data when adding accents to a string


16-11-2009 20:55:38


I'm using MyGUI since some days, and I'm encountering a problem with this line :

msg->setCaption("Identification échouée");

I get an MyGUI::UString::invalid_data Exception. I presume it comes from the accents in the captions, but I didn't manage to find anything useful about this.
What to do?

17-11-2009 06:11:24

// using utf16
msg->setCaption(L"Identification échouée");


25-08-2010 08:47:11


I've the same problem. I solved the exception by converting the string to wstring, the program not excepts but the text doesn't show the special characters...

The font is configured to render this special characters, and they are visible when I write them in a textbox.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

25-08-2010 09:55:21

test font in Demo_Font


25-08-2010 10:31:32

I haven't any Demo_Font in MyGUI project :\


25-08-2010 16:15:59

FontViewer, not Demo_Font.
And you don't have special characters because they wasn't generated in font texture, you should add codes range to font.