17-11-2009 11:55:33

Ok either I am missing something or there is something serious missing in current release!

First there is no sign of "MyGUI_OgrePlatform.h" in "latest stable" 2.2.3 release. Fine I searched thru SVN and got it in time. But then no "MyGUI_ITexture.h" and doesn't look like this is the end of missing files. I wonder where to find these files but I guess it is not too difficult to include such files in official source release.


17-11-2009 12:54:16 Wiki page helped me out and I am able to compile MyGUI and able to set it it up with my app. But then is out of date (somewhere down the line initialize() methods changes) and now I have no clue how to initialize MyGUI. Can someone help me out here or show some demo code please?


17-11-2009 15:40:16



17-11-2009 18:12:00

Hm, looks like someone changed (and wrote several mistakes :( ) that quickstart to match new initialization that wasn't released yet (used only in svn now and will be used in MyGUI 3.0).
So you can use 2.2.3 and use this link for quickstart (earlier wiki version)
or use MyGUI from svn and use current quickstart wiki page, but I also need to fix some mistakes that I missed from some Shanefarris user changes.


20-11-2009 13:25:34

Thanks Altren, I was able to compile from SVN and everything looks good now. Also I've managed to create my first wigdet, a MenuBar. The lack of documentation was a serious setback and I had to dig my nose deep into APIs, but the efinished bar looks awesome, I must say :)