static linking of "MyGUI.OgrePlatform.lib" voids license


24-11-2009 14:35:18

After building MyGUI from source, I just realized that the library "MyGUI.OgrePlatform.lib" is getting statically linked with my app. When I try to dig into the source of "MyGUI.OgrePlatform", I saw that the project is created as a static lib and export symbols have been commented out and in some parts, does not exist at all.

So a very important question is, does the sub-project "MyGUI.OgrePlatform" can be linked statically, given that we have LGPL license for the rest of MyGUI? If no, why is this build created as static lib by default?

Someone please throw some light on this...


24-11-2009 21:54:41

Hm, actually it was added by mistake. All sources except GUI will be licensed under MIT license.
Except Plugins that use other LGPL libraries is LGPL.

Edit: Done.


25-11-2009 05:49:26

Thanks Altren, but still a little unclear... so is it okey to link the sub-project "MyGUI.OgrePlatform" statically or have you made changes in the source (so i should check out the new one)?


25-11-2009 09:09:59

I made no changes - just remove license header from files that shouldn't have it. So feel free to use any version that you have.


25-11-2009 10:34:31

Got it! Thanks :)