New user - MyGui on SDL?


31-12-2009 18:02:01

Dear all,

I'm a new member to this forum. I'm specially interested to use MyGUi to create application GUI as an alternative to GTkmm or QT. IMO: they are too bloated.

I've installed MyGui on Ogre on my Linux (Fedora 11). Currently I'm not able to run any Ogre application because for the ATI card, x11 driver is only implementing 2d acceleration but not 3D. Does MyGui could be compiled to run on top of SDL, or other OpenGL interfaces? Advanced OpenGL effect can be disabled and run then as a standard Gui with only 2d acceleration?

Tanks and Best Regards,
Joaquim Duran

02-01-2010 01:25:48

svn ... s/MyGUI3.0
version 3.0 support OpenGL