Close menuitem on delegat


06-01-2010 19:45:00

If I add a delegate to a MenuItem and that event is pulled off, mouseButtonClicked for instance, the menuctrl list doesn't disappear/fade out until I click outside the menuctrl. If I don't have a delegate assigned the menuctrl disappear/fade out instantly when i click as it's supposed to.. how can I fix it?

07-01-2010 03:08:55



07-01-2010 18:28:34

Yes, forgot to mention that I'd like not to use ctrlaccept ... b/c I don't want to check everything in one function!


08-01-2010 23:21:05

So is there any solution to this?


09-01-2010 00:48:51

Well, you can use eventMenuCtrlAccept for submenus too. Not only for root menu. But you can't assign events per item.