Undefined References


29-01-2010 22:12:40

MyGUI looked like a good alternative to CEGUI (which I've had no luck with) so I Have been trying to get my ogre app to compile with MyGUI but have run into a snag

when I try to compile with the line:
MyGUI::OgrePlatform* mPlatform = new MyGUI::OgrePlatform();

I get this error:
/usr/local/include/MYGUI/MyGUI_OgrePlatform.h|28|undefined reference to `MyGUI::OgreRenderManager::OgreRenderManager()'|
/usr/local/include/MYGUI/MyGUI_OgrePlatform.h|29|undefined reference to `MyGUI::OgreDataManager::OgreDataManager()'|

I'm a bit of a coding noob so I'm not sure why these aren't being referenced.
Running on : Kubuntu 9.10 with Code::Blocks and a little frustrated


30-01-2010 02:06:26

You also should add MyGUI.OgrePlatform(_d).lib to your linker->input->additional dependencies.


30-01-2010 21:01:00

Ah, I must have missed that step.
On my system MyGUI.OgrePlatform comes up with a '.a' extension
But it compiles fine now

Thanks :)