Request: A small completed QuickStart!


03-02-2010 10:24:09


I've been looking over the net for some good quickstarter guides for MyGUI, but all I can find is a incompleted QuickStart ( ) guide, that say nothing about loading in the resources you want to use, or how anything works. It's basicly a few lines of code with some initalization and then you have to figure out the rest for your self.

Then we have the demos that comes with MyGUI, sure they look good and such, but when you want to look at the code you have to search through many directories to find what you are looking for. The basecode is prety much a Ogre initializer with all the stuff "smashed together", where it is near impossible for a newbie to figure things out.

Sorry If I sound all negative and such, but if you want people to start using MyGUI, write a small simple application with a button on screen that says exit which you can press. Also, put all files in one directory small and simple instead of many directories to search in (the demo code) for interested people to learn from.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get one button on screen to press... So far the code segfaults, but i'm working on it. Hopefully you will make a simple completed QuickStart so people will get the hang of things at a faster pace.


06-02-2010 17:54:39

After some fiddling around I managed to remove the segafault and get MyGUI working:

(One little exitbutton on screen)

This would have taken a lot shorter time with a proper completed QuickStart.
Anyway, thanks for a great GUI system. We're happy with it and will use it to deveop our game.
The main reason we choose to use MyGUi is because you have a proper working layouteditor, compared to CEGUI.

Still, please write a completed QuickStart for MyGUI to help beginners out!