Compiling MyGUI 3.0 with Ogre 1.7


12-02-2010 13:57:49

How do I compile MyGUI 3.0 with Ogre 1.7? With Ogre 1.7 my build directory is /ogre/build and the main is /ogre/OgreMain.

  1. To which directory do I set OGRE_DIR?[/*:m]
  2. Which directories are the XXX_LIBRARY_DBG, XXX_LIBRARY_REL, XXX_LIBRARY_FWK?[/*:m]
  3. Must I seperately download and use the MyGUI Dependencies or can I point the MYGUI_DEPDENCIES_DIR to my ogre Dependencies directory? The reason I ask is it seems like the 3rd party libraries are redundant.[/*:m][/list:u]


12-02-2010 15:02:29

What I was doing is building Ogre 1.7 in same directory and simply setting OGRE_DIR to ogre. And you probably should try to set OGRE_DIR to /ogre and if it won't find libraries set OGRE_LIB_DIR or try something like:
cmake -DOGRE_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include/OGRE -DOGRE_LIBRARIES="debug;OgreMain_d;optimized;OgreMain" -DOGRE_LIB_DIR=/usr/lib/OGRE
My OGRE_LIBRARY_DBG is E:/Ger/Programming/Ogre/lib/debug/OgreMain_d.lib and ..._REL is E:/Ger/Programming/Ogre/lib/debug/OgreMain.lib

About dependencies - yes you can use dependencies from Ogre and keep them anywhere.


12-02-2010 19:03:01

Hi Altren

I have followed your advice and rebuild my Ogre as specified in your previous post and now My-GUI compiles. Only got some errors with the Awesomium Widget Plugin, but I think that is because I have not downloaded Awesomium.