Multiple Mouse Pointers and 3D GUI?


15-02-2010 16:16:08

Hi All,

It's my first time looking into MyGUI. It's a very interesting library for me to use. But is it possible to have multiple mouse cursors with MyGUI? This is one requirement in what I'm trying to do. Also does MyGUI support 3D GUI? Thanks in advance.


15-02-2010 16:52:56

As far as I know, there is only single mouse cursor in gui. But, of course, you can emulate multiply cursors moving static images :-). Are you really have many mouse cursors moving at once time? And even if it's true, this advice will be helpful.

You can look 2 top videos on this page . It shows 3d gui support.


15-02-2010 16:55:34

Thanks for the quick reply. I shoud've noticed that videos :oops: .... The multiple mouse cursors is for multi-touch interaction with GUI. So unless MyGUI can have multi-touch or can be extended to have multi-touch I will end up writing my own multi-touch gui library :?