Berkelium chrome brower plugin


20-02-2010 14:35:30

This would be a great addition to the awesomium plugin as it's an MIT licenced chromium implemention for ogre. It's a complete chrome browser too ... lit=chrome


03-03-2010 03:40:15

I noticed that MyGui3.0 had added the "Plugin_BerkeliumWidget", so which version of the Berkelium should we take to build it ?
And also the "Plugin_AwesomiumWidget", we knew that Awesomium1.08 worked well, but can we use the Awesomium1.5 or 1.51 to build it ?
Thanks.... :wink:

03-03-2010 12:09:31

Berkelium - official SDK ...

Awesomeum 1.08 + (but we not try)