Canvas:loadTexture and outdated doxygen...


27-02-2010 09:45:42

I am trying to figure out how to set the texture for my canvas (I want to use a texture that Ogre has already loaded), but I cant figure out how. The doxygen says there is a loadTexture method, but it seems to have been removed from 3.0.

So how are you supposed to set the texture for a 3.0 canvas? And can you please update the doxygen :)


27-02-2010 10:13:20

You don't need to use canvas for that. Simply create StaticImage and call setImageTexture("MyTextureLoadedInOgre");


28-02-2010 03:35:41

So what is the purpose of the canvas widget then?


28-02-2010 12:52:13

Canvas was made for some internal reasons. Unfortunately, I didn't explain it in documentation.


28-02-2010 16:59:44

Canvas is widget that create and manage texture. So it used for things like render box, for plugins that return raw texture data that can be used inside canvas (for example cairo, agg, berkelium, hikari, awesomium).