Bug: 'i', 'o', 'p' keys have special meaning


28-02-2010 09:33:12

Hello. I use Ogre branch v1-7 svn rev 9785 and MyGUI svn rev 2871 under Linux x86_64.
While running Demo_Console I found out that MyGUI changes the Ogre::PolygonMode:
key 'i' = PM_SOLID;
key 'o' = PM_WIREFRAME;
key 'p' = PM_POINTS.
This causes distortion when typing 'colour 1 0 0 1' into the edit, as the help box suggests, for example.


28-02-2010 16:54:33

Oh, I did that few days ago and forgot about input. Changed it to F5, F6, F7. r2872