About Irrlicht Render System in MyGUI


03-03-2010 03:25:50

MyGUI great but i have a question How do use Irrlicht Render System in MyGUI ? You can make MyGUI render with Irrlicht. I maybe use Irrlicht Render System in CEGUI. I hope MyGUI so that.
Thank my.name


03-03-2010 12:15:56

We will try to make it


12-08-2015 00:36:24

I would also like to use MyGUI in Irrlicht, i'm going to attempt to get it working but as it sits (in gentoo linux) you can not build MyGUI from the ebuild without using ogre... I've manually downloaded the source and I have it compiled but the tools don't quite work...
I'm going to attempt to add MyGUI to my project, we'll see how it goes.
Some day I may use ogre, but ogre doesn't support 2d games. Irrlicht can do 2d and 3d at the same time.
Please add MyGUI to Irrlicht! I ran the demos using ogre and I liked what I saw... very nice GUI beats the heck out of CEGUI.