Colored text is blurry...


05-03-2010 21:20:21

Are my eyes going bad or is there a HUGE difference between white text and other colors (red for example).

Set the caption of any widget to something like - "#FFFFFFHELLO #FF0000HELLO". Is it just me? The white text is crisp, but the red text seems as though it has been scaled or antialiased or something... Is there some technical reason why colored text looks so different?


05-03-2010 23:45:37

Do you see that in your application? Do you use default or custom font?
I tried in LayoutEditor several different colours and fonts and all looks same and looks good.

About technical reasons. Well, colouring works next way: fonts is always white+alpha and we colouring verticies, so it should work properly and doesn't depend on which colour you used.

Also I seen that on screenshots/video with compressing some colours looks much worse that in uncompressed variant and some colours looks almost same.


06-03-2010 13:08:27

I am using the default fonts. And I figured colored text was achieved by simply coloring the verts of the text quads, so I am baffled as to why there is such a difference...

Here is a simple "widget->setCaption("#FFFFFFHELLO #FF0000HELLO");. Note I did NOT scale the image in any way.

The white text seems like a consistent solid white, while the red on the other hand seems to be various shades / levels of transparency.

*You know I just noticed the image I posted looks a LOT better when I up the zoom in google chrome... Maybe this is just an issue with small text and my monitor... When I zoom in on the image in photoshop the two HELLOs do in fact look identical, so I guess this isnt really a MyGUI problem...


17-03-2010 14:24:29

[R][G] - this is your monitor's pixel. When it shows white colour, all tree cells (red, green and blue, which are geometrically placed like I've just drawn) are bright. When your pixel shows red colour, only [R] cell is bright, [G] are dark, so red pixel is "thinner" then white one. It doesn't matter when pixels goes one after another, but when black pixel goes right after red one, the red pixel looks thinner. That's because your red text on the back background looks thinner from the right side.

You can place the same texts one above another and make it of red and blue colours. You'll see, that blue text looks moved righter.