Disable highlight?


07-04-2010 20:52:13

Is there a way to disable highlight for tabitems or any other state?
It looks weird on what im doing...

Another question is - can I change TextColour on different button state?
Ohkay colour="" ;)


08-04-2010 08:38:49

Create your skin.
Look at core_skin.xml


08-04-2010 19:23:34

Yes - Im doing my own ;)

And thats what happens when i hold mouse button on tab - when i change pushed skin or remove then then im above selected tab it
switches to highlight one or something like this... But i wish to remove highlight and pushed state, when i do so then after
i press tab the skin is kinda lagged.


08-04-2010 21:46:49

You should remove from skin states that you don't need and they will be replaced with default state.


09-04-2010 10:07:10

Ya and that sucks because when i move mouse over selected tab it looks like "normal" state not selected.


12-04-2010 09:50:12

Then you should use same part of texture for highlighted and non-highlighted pressed states instead of removing it.


12-04-2010 15:21:35

And i do but still theres issue when i dont want to use pushed state.
If I use "normal" state instead of it and i tap on current tab it switch to "normal" ;D
if i remove it, there will be another weirdo, Im at work and i dont remember well
but i tried most of things and I havent found solution.
All i want is normal and normal_checked state.


Another question - is there a way to make combobox appear if i click anywhere on it instead on button?