MyGUI v3.0.2, Mogre v1.6.5 and VB 2008 Express ? [SOLVED]


09-04-2010 18:26:44

Hi there,
I am now trying to use even for a while mygui in, but it foundered.

On ""; is the following code snippet:
MyGUI::OgrePlatform* mPlatform = new MyGUI::OgrePlatform(); ...
but MyGUI.Managed.OgrePlatform doesn't exist for me in VB.NET. Is there a newer wrapper version available ?

thanks in advance

12-04-2010 09:46:30

look at MogreApp in MyGUI 3.0 Package


13-04-2010 16:33:42

Yes it work's :D.
Okay i've only a mouse cursor on the upper left and he still doesn't move :wink: but that's GREAT.

Now i'm trying to insert mouse movement ...


13-04-2010 18:17:45



15-04-2010 17:43:35

Okay, now the mousepointer is moving and i can select objects too :D *extreme happy*.

For all those who have problems to create an VB.NET project with Mogre 1.6.5 and MyGUI 3.0.2***,
i've created and uploaded a simple mogre console application with mygui 3.0.2*** on rapidshare (16MB).

Feel free to use and share :D.

*** - The binary files form -> (2010-03-04) are v3.0.2 of mygui for mogre 1.6.5 (good to know :wink: ).
You can see this in the console window when mygui is loading.


25-04-2010 12:26:23

Thanks for sharing!!