CMake and Common directory


20-04-2010 20:33:37

I tried to find the option to copy /Common (to sdk, in order to use BaseLayout.h)
But every options I tried in cmake-gui won't do that.

Is it expected that Common content won't be used as part of MyGUI ? So then I would have to copy this by hand...



20-04-2010 22:29:53

"Common" folder is a part of demos and all demos can be used in any way you want (MIT license). So feel free to copy it to your project, also you can modify it if you want to.


21-04-2010 07:07:14

Thanks for the answer, I will do that !

But for the purpose of available options in CMake, shouldn't it be copied by "MYGUI_INSTALL_SAMPLES_SOURCE" in Cmake then ? I think it's not used in any of .cmake or CMakeList... I guess it's not implemented (or not meant to, or not yet ;) ).