I can't to run MyGUI's demos with opengl renderer


30-04-2010 01:29:30

Hi all, I've built MyGUI using Visual Studio 2003.Net with the Opengl renderer but I have a problem, I can't to run the demos because of that I got the next log error:

02:21:39 | Platform | Critical | Error texture lock | .\src\MyGUI_OpenGLTexture.cpp | 275

My graphic card is a mobility ATI x600 and it doesn't support GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object extension , error is caused for this? Log isn't very clear, but I've looked a bit on sources and I've seen that on the file MyGUI_OpenGLTexture.cpp are used some functions of the PBO extension (for example on void* OpenGLTexture::lock(TextureUsage _access) ) .

Question is, if error is for my old card... would it be possible to change source for using conventional transfer to GPU memory ?

What are changes needed for running this great library?

Thank you.


30-04-2010 13:08:31

All platforms except OgrePlatform was implemented by third-party developers. We have no experience in OpenGL and have no idea what to do with that. So if you know how to do that you are free to change platform, but we can't do that.


30-04-2010 14:08:09

Ty for your answer. Well, I'm going to try to change necesary code for making possible to execute MyGUI with Opengl Renderer on old graphic cards like mine. I don't know like code on MyGUI is structured but I suposse that I only have to change project of the opengl renderer .

If graphic card doesn't support PBO choose old method. But It would be good on the Opengl renderer to check necesary extensions and to write them on the log.

Ty, I'm really interested on to try MyGUI, really it seems a powerfull gui library ;)