myGUI debug error


14-05-2010 16:52:56

I download the latest revision 3003 myGUI from svn and compile it with ogre1.7 triumphantly.
But it crashed when I run the debug's exe.
The main problem maybe the combobox.
When I want to select the other property from the combobox,it crashes.
By the way,I use VS2005.
Moreover,if I use the latest stable release: MyGUI 3.0.1 sources,there is not this problem.
Just another problem.As result,LayoutEditor and Demo_Console can't be compiled.
I search the forum and find a post say revision 2955 can solve it.
So I find the,copy MyGUI_UString.h
and MyGUI_UString.cpp to MyGUIEngine.As result,more errors crashed.
Anybody can solve this problem.


14-05-2010 17:14:13

ComboBox is broken in trunk, going to fix it soon.


14-05-2010 19:35:19

Fixed in r3006.