custom combobox problem(solved)


27-05-2010 10:27:24

I want to create a combobox that popups from top.
But I am unsuccessful.
My idea is to amend the ComboBox script.
But I find that there is not effect to set script as follows:

<Child type="List" style="Popup" skin="List" offset = "0 -50 0 0" align = "Top" layer="Popup" name = "List"/>

So I think the key must exist in other place.
The following image is made by photoshop.

28-05-2010 09:15:17

task added

30-05-2010 12:54:35

compete in trunk 3 ... /trunk_3.0
revision 3056



02-06-2010 11:23:47

It's OK.